Offer hope and a pathway to academic and life success by giving a child a book.

Help us provide books for more students.

Offer hope and a pathway to academic and life success by giving a child a book. image




Help us provide books for more students.

Ms. Pendley's 4th Grade Class!

"Page Turners' generosity helped my students to further develop a love of reading and allowed them to increase the average number of shared chapter books from 4 to 7! You see, as a school, we have just a few class sets of novels for each grade level. This number itself is becoming smaller as our student population grows and we're no longer able to provide a copy of the text to every student, 1 to 1 matched. Reading teachers know that one of the very BEST way[s] to grow readers is to read SHARED texts with them (where students have a copy of the text) and to develop students' comprehension and love of books by reading engaging CHAPTER BOOKS! We can't thank you enough for the books you gave students and for the reading experiences . . .

Page Turners' sponsorship also translated to increased reading scores as seen on the Reading Star benchmark assessments. The previous school year, 2016-2017, students averaged reading gains at approximately 1.1 school years. During the Page Turners' school year 2017-2018, students had reading gains of 1.3 school years.

This increase in achievement showed up on Milestones too! It is typical that students gain a year's worth of learning, therefore keeping their same Milestones level from one year to the next. For example, a student who earned a level 3 in third grade, generally grows a school year's worth in order to attain a 3 on their Milestones in the 4th grade. During the 2017-2018 school year, out of my 27 reading students who finished the year with me, 14 students increased their proficiency level in reading! WOW! That means that students made significant gains causing them to grow above and beyond what was expected of them.

Thank you so much . . . Page Turners! Your mission is highly important and most certainly valued. I greatly appreciate your sponsorship and the assistance you gave in helping me grow a group of awesome, book-loving readers!"